How does this protein work? The formula gives you back the "bricks" that your skin needs to be young again

What is so special on Renew31 that makes the skin regenerate and become so young?

According to specialists, this protein is not a normal protein, like the one you would find on soy, chicken or beans.

Actually, it is a different protein, that acts directly on the skin.

For you to understand how it works, you need to understand how the flaccidity acts on your body, and for this we need to talk about something you probably already know, the collagen.

As you age, your body gets softer and softer. After 30 years old, your body starts producing about 1.5% less of an essential protein, called collagen.

When you become 50, you produce only 35% of the amount your body needs!

And thats exactly why sagging skin occours: Because collagen are the "bricks" that make up your skin.

If you remove the bricks of a house, it will fall. And if you remove collagen from your skin, it will also fall.

And you already know the end result well: Sagging skin, crow's feet, your belly becomes soft, your face, arms and legs become soft… well, EVERYTHING becomes soft if you don't have collagen in your body.

To fix this, it would be enough to just "add back to your body" this thing called collagen, right?

So your body would have the "bricks" that it needs to reconstruct your skin, giving you a firmer skin, making your belly hard and giving "goodbye" to the fat under the sagging arms, right?

Actually, it is not so simple.

Before collagen can help you and your skin, there are two requirements.

The first is the type of the collagen.

There are three: Collagen type 2, that acts in your cartilage (like in your knees), and the collagen type 3 and 1, that acts only on the skin.

If you consume the type 2 collagen, since it helps only the cartilage, you are going to feel less knee pain, but it is not going to give any benefits to your skin.

What you really need are the collagen types 3 and 1.

Those types are the ones that renew your skin and are going to give you firm legs, arms and belly.

The second requirement for having the desired results, the collagen needs to be on the "hydrolyzed" form.

Hydrolyzed means that the collagen molecule was "broken" into small particles, so that your body can easy absorb it.

This is necessary because non-hydrolyzed collagen is a very big particle, and if you consume it this way, your body won't be able to absorb it, and you are going to eliminate everything when you pee.

And that's exactly what Renew31 is: The hydrolyzed type 3 and 1 pure collagen, that you can use to recover your firm and young skin.

The researcher Doctor Carol M. Shields published the following explanation about the Renew31 formula:

The formula gives back the nutrients that the skin needs to regenerate, and consequently, helps keeping the skin firm and young.

Exclusive Interview: teacher was almost arrested for looking "too young"

Motunrayo Mogaji have a 21 year old son. Sometimes people think he is her husband. 

We contacted Sahishnu, the teacher who used Renew31's protein. Check out the interview below: 

Interviewer: Motunrayo, lots of news portals wrote about you after this incident about your age. Can you tell us how it all happened?

Motunrayo: "Yes, sure! I've always been insecure about my looks, and when the wrinkles started to appear, my world fell. The crow's feet also started to appear and I couldn't get rid of it, even when I wasn't smiling. I used to feel very sad when looking at myself on the mirror."

Interviewer: Right, but Motunrayo, had you tried another method to get rid of the wrinkles before?

Motunrayo: "Yes, I had tried skin care creams, I spent a lot of money with that, with those creams that make you look younger for a few hours, you know? The problem is that the effect went away quickly, and my sadness always came back. I also thought about botox, but I'm afraid about it and I cannot afford it anyway."

Interviewer: How did you find about this new health supplement?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "By studying! I wanted a definitive solution for my skin. After reading a lot about the subject, I learned that I should increase collagen type 3 and 1 in my body, so my skin would have the necessary nutrients to become young again. It was very hard to find the Renew31 pills in Nigeria, you have no idea... "

Interviewer:  What do you mean hard? Can you explain more?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "Yes, in India the pharmacies do not sell JUST collagen type 3 and 1, which is what we need. There are two ways that they fool us. The first is that they sell us a type of collagen that is not hydrolyzed, since it's cheaper. And then, our body cannot absorb the protein and we do not get any result."

Interviewer:  Right, and the second way?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "Well, the second way is that they sell us a mixture of collagen 1, 2 and 3, and not only collagen type 3 and 1. That is because, one more time, it's cheaper for them to sell the product like that then spending money with the collagen separation process.."

Interviewer:  Right. And what did you do to get around this problem, then?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "In the beginning I used to import this type 3 and 1 collagen from the USA, it used to cost about US$150 per month with shipping and taxes, a fortune… But it was the only way. After researching a lot, I FINALLY found a type 3 and 1 collagen here in India, Renew31. It is much cheaper than the imported one, and after testing both, I noticed that Renew31 is even better."

Interviewer:  Nice, and what else you liked about Renew31? Do you have a picture of the product to show us?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "Yes, I have 3 bottles at home. I am gonna take a picture for you! What I enjoyed the most was being able to wake up one day, look at myself on the mirror and feel pretty again. That is priceless. Imagine… being able to wake up and see that the clock is ticking backwards! I jumped like a 10 year old kid." Here is the picture:

Interviewer:  That's very nice! But what about this story about you "almost being arrested" for looking too young?

Motunrayo Mogaji: "It was actually really funny. I was coming back home with my 23 year old son, and I was stopped on a police checkpoint. They asked for my ID, but when they saw my birth date they said it was impossible for me to be 53 years old, and that I couldn't be older than 30. They kept me there for about 40 minutes until they could check that my document was really valid. "

Motunrayo Mogaji: "I was 27 years old when my first small wrinkles started to appear. As the years went by, more and more wrinkles started appearing. That's normal, and we don't have to be afraid, however there are a few tricks we can do to have the best of both worlds: look young, but also have the wisdom that the age gives us. For the wisdom, I suggest books. For the young looks, I suggest Renew31. "

"I have a perfect skin!"

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